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The next generation of hood pins by AeroCatch

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Official AeroCatch hood pins, flush and plus flush pins for your vehicle. is an authorized dealer of genuine AeroCatch next generation hood pins

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Aerocatch Plus and Plus Flush hood pins

How does the Aerocatch system work?

Green Latches

Our goal is to ensure that Specialty Fasteners & Components Ltd perform in an environmentally sound manner to the benefit of our customers, local community and the environment generally.

Specialty Fasteners & Components Ltd recognises that it has a general duty of care for the environment within which it operates.

Specialty Fasteners & Components Ltd intends therefore, to develop its commercial interest in ways which, within practical constraints, limit or avoid adverse impacts on the environment, minimise the consumption of non-renewable resources and contribute to environmental conservation and enhancement.

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Stay away from Fakes

Fake #1 after test We have recently encountered a new generation of fake AeroCatch®. While very similar in packaging and appearance to the genuine articles, these counterfeits are nonetheless MADE FROM INFERIOR MATERIALS and pose SAFETY ISSUES.

Be wary of non-authorized dealers offering counterfeit product at cut-rate prices.

Genuine AeroCatch are manufactured from a high-performance engineered thermoplastic with all metal parts in stainless steel. Fakes are manufactured from poor quality non-reinforced plastic, and metal parts are nothing more than plated mild steel.

A comparison of Fake vs. Genuine AeroCatch follows. These photos detail the differences between counterfeit and genuine AeroCatch. For your own safety, please insist on the original design registered by Specialty Fasteners and Components (SFC)

The figures below are verified by a UK Test House and shows a comparison between the strengths of AeroCatch and that of the counterfeits (Fakes).

The result are for one single catch fitted to a bonnet at a time with the factory bonnet latch disconnected.

The figures show the force applied to a car bonnet being opened whilst the AeroCatch is in the closed position

Figures show when the catch failed.


AeroCatch 637.5 kilogram-force = 1405.5 pound-force Fake One 154.5 kilogram-force = 1405.5 pound-force Fake Two 172.8 kilogram-force = 381.0 pound-force Fake Two 174.3 kilogram-force = 384.4 pound-force The results show that AeroCatch is on average 75% STRONGER than the fakes.