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Toyota MR2 Carbon Fiber F355 Style Engine Lid

Here's a carbon fiber engine lid for the MR2. This is the same one you've probably seen floating around eBay, we purchased a few to see what he quality was like, looks good from far away but up close there some hazy resin around the edges of the vents, it just doesn't seem to be as good as the VegasAero inspection panel scoops (see the comparison in the latter pictures).  Most likely we'll probably send an OEM Metal and the F355 to cut up to make a perfect one in our factory. Here's the pics, enjoy.

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Toyota MR2 Border Style Carbon Fiber Rear Add-ons

Rear add-on in carbon fiber, for use with the original Toyota MR2 rear bumper.  Attach with double sided 3M automotive tape (not included)


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Carbon Kevlar Hood Photoshoot

Here's some pictures of a carbon kevlar hood, some great pictures that show off the 2x2 carbon kevlar weave.

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Ron’s SC400 with CFH Louvered Hood Scoop Installed

Here's Ron's Soarer with the louver hood scoop installed.


CFH SC400 Wide Body Kit Fitment Pictures

Here's some pictures of the CFH VTX Ridg wide body kit installed.


CFH Customer Kenneth’s 3000GT /w 99 Style Carbon Fiber Spoiler Wing installed

Kenneth installed longer bolts in order to keep the side plates installed. Fitment looks pretty good. The carbon fiber 99 style wing is a great addition to the Bomex front lip on this 94-98 3000GT.


Toyota MR2 TRD Wide Body Wingless

I always wondered what the TRD wide body would look like on a wingless SW20. Here's a Turbo MR2 for sale in Las Vegas Nevada! It's an interesting look, I think I still like the wing but the wingless version looks pretty nice too.


TRD 2000GT Wide Body Carbon Fiber Spoiler Wing!

Check out the new Carbon Fiber TRD Style wing for the MR2, this is the carbon fiber wing to match your TRD 2000GT style wide body kit!


240SX > R32 Conversion Fenders

Ever wonder what a 240SX would look like with an R32 front end? Check out this S13 convertible with an R32 front end. This conversion uses the CFH vented fenders made specifically for the conversion. It was designed using an R32 GTS front bumper but most R32 should fit. This isn't an easy conversion, custom brackets are needed to hold the headlights as well as an extension to bring the hood latch forward. Since the R32 is longer than an S13 the conversion frees up a lot of room in front of the core support.

While you're at it, be sure to visit STANCE NATION, one my favorite blogs for hours of Japanese sports car and VIP eyecandy enjoyment! Be sure to give them some traffic, all the pics are courtesy of Stance Nation, check our their site for more tasteful Japanese rides!

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Mazda Miata Wizdom Body Kit

Here's some pics of the Wizdom body kit for the Miata. Some detailed pictures of the parts: