Everything Carbon Fiber for your car!


Team Hybrid EVO5 Coupe, SEMA 2010

This car is the real deal, the only EVO5 coupe! This Mirage has an EVO5 engine swap and front end! How cool is that? It also has a VIS Racing carbon fiber trunk.


SEIBON EVO10, Carbon Fiber Trunk and Hood, SEMA 2010

The SEIBON EVO10, carbon fiber parts on a white car, looks good, cool car.


Worksmotorsports – Mitsubishi EVO10, SEIBON Carbon Fiber Hood, Trunk, Doors, Fenders, SEMA 2010

I think they just bought everything they could find that is carbon fiber.  Looks great on this gunmetal EVO.  Check out sometime. I don't know much about the tuning of EVO but I'm sure it's a beast.


Mitsubishi EVO8, Green APR Performance Wide Body Kit, SEMA 2010

A huge amount of work and money was poured into this EVO8, check out the APR wide body kit.  I tried taking pictures from all different angles so you can see the actual width.  One great thing about this kit is that it enhances the original look of the EVO without changing it too drastically.


Mitsubishi EVO8 Team Hybrid APR Wide Body – SEMA 2010

Immaculate, it's hard to calculate how much money was thrown into this beast, looks like it has every option imaginable.  I'm not quite sure who makes the carbon fiber mirrors on this car, they look great.  They look reminiscent of the AC Schnitzer mirrors on the BMW E36.  This car also sports a carbon fiber roof skin, I'm assuming it's the SEIBON brand.