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Toyota MR2 SW20 Autopista Rear Spoiler Wing

While searching for cool used parts for the Toyota MR2 I came across some great pics of the Autopista Rear Spoiler.  The quality looks amazing.  What happened to AutoPista? Were they based in the UK? What was their website?


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Unknown AW11 MR2 Intake Scoops

Here's some extremely rare scoops for the AW11. I have no idea who makes them.  Hopefully someone can identify them.


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Kei Office MR2 SW20 Body Kit

Too bad Kei Office is no longer around. They made a great looking body kit, check out those side skirts!

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What’s under the JGTC MR2 GT300 Hood?

Ever wonder what's under the JGTC MR2 GT300 hood? It looks like custom metal ducting to funnel air through the bulkhead and out of the center vent.  I've been looking for pics of this hood opened for a while and finally found them thanks to the Australia MR2 forum.

Also, here's another MR2 from Japan with custom metal ducting as well.

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MR2 F355 Style Engine Lid / Vent

Here's one of our last remaining engine lids of the F355 style, we purchased these samples from a different factory but weren't impressed with the finish, we'll be selling these for a discounted price until we remake a perfect one.

We'll keep one so that we can send it to our main factory, cut it up and merge it with a metal non-turbo lid, clean up the scoops and have a lid with a great finish.

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Toyota MR2 – TC Sportline Carbon Fiber Mirrors

TC Sportline makes a great carbon fiber racing mirror.  Similar to something you might see from APR Performance or Craft Square.  The carbon fiber mirror is very high quality, great stuff, but unfortunately the mirror bases don't properly attach to the door bases.  Two out of the three screws on the door bases just don't mount.  To resolve this you must drill a new hole and create an epoxy mount so that you may utilize all 3 screw mounts.

Because of this, we stopped selling these a long time ago since they were missing a mount.  Recently we found a good epoxy to create a solid mount so that the base is once again stable. So for the MR2 bases we actually buy them from TC Sportline, fix the base and then ship them to you. Since there's double shipping, time and labor involved the price is higher than our other applications.




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Toyota MR2 TRD Wide Body with RX7 Headlights

He're a wide body MR2 for sale in Washington, they used C-West RX7 Carbon Fiber Headlights in order to eliminate the flip up lights.  You can also see that it is outfitted with the carbon fiber Do-Luck style inspection panel scoops.

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MR2 Greddy / Trust style side skirts

Here's Benjamin's MR2 with the Greddy / Trust style sides. Great look, very clean, looks like he also has a C-one style front lip.

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Toyota MR2 Carbon Fiber F355 Style Engine Lid

Here's a carbon fiber engine lid for the MR2. This is the same one you've probably seen floating around eBay, we purchased a few to see what he quality was like, looks good from far away but up close there some hazy resin around the edges of the vents, it just doesn't seem to be as good as the VegasAero inspection panel scoops (see the comparison in the latter pictures).  Most likely we'll probably send an OEM Metal and the F355 to cut up to make a perfect one in our factory. Here's the pics, enjoy.

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Toyota MR2 Border Style Carbon Fiber Rear Add-ons

Rear add-on in carbon fiber, for use with the original Toyota MR2 rear bumper.  Attach with double sided 3M automotive tape (not included)


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