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Customer: Theo Hutchison’s – Turbo MR2 From Paradise!

If I died and went to MR2 Heaven it would look something like this:

The center of the Bahamas, Nassau! You might recognize the Atlantis Hotel from the movie After the Sunset with Woody Harrelson and Pierce Brosnan, or from the recent James Bond flick Casino Royale (also Thuderball and The Spy Who Loved Me).

Unlike the Ford Mondeo driving James Bond I would be driving this: A proper JDM RHD Turbo MR2, packed with JDM goodies and tasteful aero parts! Such a car actually exists in Paradise, it's Theo Hutchisons second MR2!

First off, the car used to have a Stage21 hood, but it flew off since it was not attached with hood pins.

Theo then purchased our CFH FRP Border Style Mr2 Fiberglass hood

Theo definitely not forgetting hood pins this time! :)

A nice set of red Sparco hood pins are going on the hood.

Bride seats and Carbing roll cage!

How about a Cusco Super Single OS clutch!

APP Steel Braided brake lines

DEFI Gauges

Phoenix Power Departure Exhaust

RG JTC N1 Coilover Dampers

Super rare, Sexy Style MR2 Fender Flares! (not installed yet)

Stage 21 Fenders

Authentic Airwalker body kit (using a temporary bomex front until the Airwalker front is fixed)

FRP Light Weight Trunk!

Thanks to Theo Hutchison for Pictures! I'm sure there will be more to come once he gets his Airwalker bumper fixed!

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