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How to Install a Carbon Fiber Hood

NOTE (very important): Pre-fit all parts prior to installation. is not responsible for any damage/s due to negligent installation. We recommend that all parts be installed by a certified professional.

1 - Requires specific measurements for successful installation.
2 - Requires minimal tools, primarily involves a bolt-on install. No drilling should be required.
3 - May require removal of surrounding stock parts and stock hardware for installation and minor drilling into body of vehicle.
4 - Requires removal of many surrounding stock parts and stock hardware for installation and may require some sanding. Cutting, shaving, filling in gaps, etc. (Recommended that you bring to a skilled professional.)
5 - Requires cutting into the body of the vehicle and heavy fabrication. (Recommended that you bring to a skilled professional.)

General Info:
- Remove the Carbon Fiber Hood from the box and place face down on a soft smooth surface (you may wish to use the box the hood came in).

- Disconnect the hood light (if applicable) and disconnect window wiper hoses. - Using a proper size socket wrench, remove the four bolts holding the support legs from the hood (keep bolts and support legs for storage of your stock hood), make sure to have a friend hold the other side.

- Remove hood prop and with help from a friend, remove the stock hood from the vehicle. - Remove factory latch from your O.E.M. hood and mount on hood (if applicable).

- With a friend to help, hold hood in a vertical position while aligning with the factory mounts. Once aligned, secure hood to hinges using the factory bolts (if applicable). DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN

- Slowly and carefully close the hood and check alignment. Loosen bolts and adjust accordingly if any shifting for proper alignment is necessary. The latch should close easily without using excessive force (re-adjusting of latch may be necessary). Open and close hood a few times to ensure proper fitment. Tighten when proper fitment has been achieved.

- If the carbon fiber hood sits too high, you may need to adjust or remove the rubber bump stops. The oem catch may also need adjustment, especially since it's unlikely that it will still rest at the same height on a car that's over a decade old.

- If it's still off, you may need to use washers and drill larger holes on the hinges and catch to allow further adjustment.

- At this point you should not have modified the carbon fiber hood, if you are satisfied with the fitment you can start to transplant the oem hood liner / wiper hoses / light etc. You may need to make minor modifications and holes with a Dremel tool.

- Be sure to use hood pins or AeroCatch latches so to keep the hood level with the fenders and for safety purposes.

- Do not use aftermarket or OEM hood shocks, they will eventually warp the carbon fiber hood.

Note: aftermarket hoods such as Carbon Creations creations carbon fiber hoods are designed for off-road or show use only. Please take proper precaution when installing on a daily driven vehicle. strongly suggests the use of hood pins with any aftermarket hood.

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