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How to Install a Spoiler Wing

NOTE (very important): Pre-fit all parts prior to installation. is not responsible for any damage/s due to negligent installation. We recommend that all parts be installed by a certified professional.

1 - Requires specific measurements for successful installation.
2 - Requires minimal tools, primarily involves a bolt-on install. No drilling should be required.
3 - May require removal of surrounding stock parts and stock hardware for installation and minor drilling into body of vehicle.
4 - Requires removal of many surrounding stock parts and stock hardware for installation and may require some sanding. Cutting, shaving, filling in gaps, etc. (Recommended that you bring to a skilled professional.)
5 - Requires cutting into the body of the vehicle and heavy fabrication. (Recommended that you bring to a skilled professional.)

General Info:

- Find desired mounting area of wing. Take into consideration the double wall inside trunk.
- Using a tape measure, find the center point of the trunk and mark a solid line through the middle.
- Find the center point on the spoiler and mark a line as well.
- Clean the area of the trunk where the spoiler will be mounted.
- Tape the non-adhesive part of the rubber gasket to the mounting area of the spoiler. Remove adhesive backing from rubber gasket.
- Using the center points on both the vehicle and the wing, carefully align the wing and lay it flat in the desired position.
- Remove spoiler from trunk, leaving the rubber gaskets adhered to the trunk. Check the measurements from the center point and outer perimeters to ensure proper placement
- Drill straight down through the holes in the rubber gasket into the trunk.
- Open trunk, place spoiler on rubber gaskets.
- Using a screwdriver, fasten the bolts and washers from the underside of the trunk.


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