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Veilside Premier 4509GTR Supra Wide Body Conversion

Yes, that's a JZA80 supra, look at the hatch and doors.  This kit is very similar to the Bentley wide body kit, but unique to the Supra.  Similar, but not a cut and paste, this kit uses unique headlights and taillights for a complete conversion. Every body panel is customized, Front bumper, Side skirts, Rear bumper, Rear wing, Hood, Rear gate, Front fenders, Rear fenders, Door panels, Pillars, Original 4509 emblem, Original grills, Exhaust tips, Door mirrors, sub frame.  Audi R8 Headlights and Taillights are not included. Limited to a 100 sets according to Veilside's website.

Unfortunately the kit is over $33,000 USD!?!?!!? Wide body conversion kit or a Condo in Florida? Unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2011 and winner of the Grand Prix of all tuning cars TAS2011.

Yes, the kit drastically changes the body lines, headlights etc. , but there's already over 100 body kits that retain the original look of the almost 2 decade old Supra.  We're happy to see a VIP make over for the JZA80.


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