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Carbon Creations

Carbon Creations

Carbon Fiber Hoods is one of the top dealers of authentic Carbon Creations Carbon Fiber Hoods and trunks. Carbon Creations is a relatively new manufacturer of carbon fiber parts, their hoods are top quality parts made with Grade-A carbon fiber and craftsmanship, they are really a bargain when compared with the price of the competition, a much better value! Hood pins are always required for safety and fitment purposes.

Carbon Creations is what we consider to be a premium brand. Only professional companies with good quality parts and adequate stock are considered to be listed as a premium brand. The quality of Carbon Creation's hoods, trunks and other carbon fiber parts is simply top notch. They manufacture some of the best wet carbon parts on the market. With their consistently superior customer service, they have managed to more than double their product line in the last few years.

Inventory is critical when ordering aftermarket parts, no one wants to wait in today's fast-paced society. Thankfully, Carbon Creations has one of the best inventory systems in the aeroparts industry. Over a million dollars of parts in-stock, accurate ETA's and online stock management allow Carbon Creations to keep ahead of the pack by offering state of the art realtime inventory a snap. Need to know how many carbon fiber hoods we have in-stock? We can let you know in realtime. is a high volume dealer of Carbon Creations carbon fiber hoods. Over the last decade we've been able to secure deep pricing with Carbon Creation so that we can now offer our customers some of the lowest price on authentic Carbon Creations carbon fiber hoods.

All carbon fiber parts from Carbon Creations are 'Grade A' carbon fiber products. They are well known among most tuners, forums and throughout the aftermarket auto parts industry as being one of the leading carbon fiber brands.

Carbon Creations Chrysler Sebring EVO Carbon Fiber Hood

The Carbon Creations EVO hood for the Dodge Avenger! This is a pretty rare style, and a very popular hood. This looks great on the Avenger and Chryler Sebring, and if you buy it from us you get 20% OFF the list price!

Carbon Creations Carbon Fiber Hood for Mitubishi Lancer

Here's the louvered carbon fiber hood for the Mitsubishi Lancer, extreme cooling for the Lancer.

Carbon Creations Carbon Fiber Hood with Vented Cowl

Another wild style, this time for the Ford Mustang.

Carbon Creations Porsche 911 Carbon Fiber Hood

European carbon fiber parts, this time for the Porsche 911.

Carbon Creations NSX Carbon Fiber Hood

Finally an affordable NSX Type-R style carbon fiber hood, also available in Fiberglass

Carbon Creations Carbon Fiber Pontiac Hood

Carbon Creations has some wild design, here's one of them. The Pontiac Ram-Air hood! This dual funnel design is a hard style to make in carbon fiber.

Carbon Creations TS Carbon Fiber Hood

Always a winner, the TS Carbon Fiber hood for the Toyota Supra!

Carbon Creations Subaru Impreza CW Carbon Fiber Hood

A favourite for the WRX, a very popular hood!

Carbon Creations Carbon Fiber Blog

Check out our Carbon Creations blog! All the cars outfitted with genuine Carbon Creations Carbon Creations CF aero parts!

Carbon Creations Demo Cars

Carbon Creations Acura RSX Lip Kit

Acura RSX

Carbon Creations Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

Carbon Creations FD3S Carbon Fiber Fenders

Mazda RX7 FD3S

Carbon Creations Z34 Carbon Fiber Hood

Nissan 370Z Z34

Carbon Creations Hyundai Genesis Carbon Fiber Hood

Hyundai Genesis

Manufacturer Video

Carbon Creations designs and manufactures carbon fiber aerodynamic hoods, trunks, grilles, and other parts specifically for your vehicle. Each product is manufactured with the highest quality standards and inspected by our quality control team before leaving our manufacturing facility. These products are made with Grade “A” carbon fiber material and finished with a premium clear coat with UV protection. Carbon Creations products not only look great, but are used by professional motorsport figures for auto racing, drifting, and drag racing. Our products are designed to be as light as possible while retaining durability and ensuring safety. Over the past number of years Carbon Creations products have been widely exposed by the media as being the most prestigious carbon aerodynamic brand in the industry.

Carbon Creations Carbon Fiber Hoods

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