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Extreme Dimensions Urethane

Extreme Dimensions, Inc. is recognized across the globe as one of the premier aerodynamic manufacturers in the industry. With over 7,000 products in our catalog, we distribute throughout the Americas, Australia, Europe, and Asia. We have been proudly headquartered in the United States since our inception in 2000, and our product lines of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and polyurethane products continue to develop and grow. With a strong dedication to quality, value, and customer service, we consistently exceed industry standards. Our focus is always to meet the needs of the automotive and truck markets.

ED Urethane parts are almost always a perfect fit and nearly indestructible. While FRP Fiberglass body kits were common in the past, space age urethane body kits have been moving into the mainstream spotlight due some very advantageous properties that fiberglass kits lack.

Urethane kits are extremely durable, you can almost tie them in a knot.

ED Polyurethane body kits almost never have the same imperfections that are typical of fiberglass body kits like pin holes in the gel coat and cracking. Installation usually requires a special priming agent so that paint will stick to the smooth urethane surface, but the installation is usually very affordable when compared to fiberglass since it is so easy for the body shop to install.

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