VSaero Urethane TSUN T2000 Rear Bumper w T2 Insert 2pc > Honda Civic 1996-2000 > 2/4-Door (vsaero_200360)

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Rear Bumpers or Lips
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VSaero Urethane TSUN T2000 Rear Bumper w T2 Insert 2pc > Honda Civic 1996-2000 > 2/4-Door (vsaero_200360)

VSaero Urethane parts are manufactured polyurethane and manufacturerd in the USA and warehoused in Las Vegas Nevada and Southern California. All urethane parts are made of virtually indestructible Poly-Urethane, which is far more durable than conventional FRP fiberglass. Unlike fiberglass, Poly-Urethane is very durable and extremely flexible and forgiving. Urethane is recommended for daily driver vehicles.

New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, item in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable). Packaging should be the same as what is found in our retail store. Install professionally by a bodyshop with a valid automotive repair business license. Urethane parts require minimal prep work, such as: drilling holes, filler, flex paint agent, sanding, primer. Ships direct from the manufacturer or distributor. Manufactured using a process called RIM, Reaction Injection Molding in which the reactants were mixed then injected into a mold and treated with a memory agent to allow them to restore their original shape. Ships folded to conserve space. Set in the sun for at least 48 hours to restore the original shape. Use a smooth weight, such as a vinyl covered kettle bell on stubborn folds. We do not offer any guarantee of fitment on vehicles that have been in involved in accidents and/or have body damage or customization.